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This event is now hung at Local Colors of Utah Art Gallery. Come check out what we have been doing during the pandemic.

Local Colors Art Gallery Is Open with limited hours.

“Large Paintings of 2020 by Bill Reed”
Local Colors of Utah Art Gallery presents a new exhibit entitled “Large Paintings of 2020 by Bill Reed” This show features several  large abstracts painted in the Spring of this year. These works by local artist Bill Reed illustrate a diversity of process and emotions, and reflect 15 plus consecutive years of renewed passion for painting. “Internal Monologue: Highway of Color” captures the wordless inter-working of the artists mind. “Budapest”, “Vienna”, “Passau”, and “Vines on a Wall in Autumn” were all inspired by a river trip taken by the artist across Europe last Fall. “Static Motion” is complex yet simple in its execution. “Aerial Ballet” is minimalist yet playful. “Inferno” is raw energy. “Joyful Jazz” is a visual expression of sounds, and “I like to Ride My Bicycle” is a shout out to spring like bike weather.  “Physical Distancing is Killing Me” is a subtle reminder of life during the pandemic. “Whirlwind” vibrates with the frustration of isolation. Enjoy the debut these new works!

Exhibit opens June 3rd with an evening reception on July 3rd and runs through July 14th.



Five Local Colors of Utah Artists in The Mix (Salt Lake Tribune, April 19, 2020)

Physical Distancing Is Killing Me by Bill Reed along with write-up in paper. Here is the online version of the Tribune’s “virtual art gallery”: 

 "The most striking thing about it, I think, is the variety of styles and viewpoints of the 21 works we included."  by Sean Means, arts and culture reporter, The Salt Lake Tribune

Podcast and youtube for Local Colors Interview March 3, 2020

Bill Reed at Local Colors Art Gallery

In the Telling
Local Colors Art Gallery and Artist Co-op

March/April Featured Artist 2020 was postponed until June/July 2020

Join me on June 15th 2020 to see 6 new painting of 2020. Hopefully we can open after this coronavirus pandemic has past.

Pando In Mexico

The Pando Triptych now has a home in Mexico with a beautiful view.


September 2019: This wonderful triptych sold shortly after its first showing and will have a new home at the tip of Mexico's Baja California.

The painting is named after Pando, aka the trembling giant, the largest living organism, one hugh network of Aspens in Fishlake National Forest, Utah. 

Salt Lake Culinary Education (SLICE) Extended thru Sep 17

Show at SLICE (Salt Lake Culinary Education) extended to September 17th. Gallery can be viewed during their normal hours.

Salt Lake Culinary Education (SLICE) Meeting and Greet

Meet and Greet date changed to August 21st 3-5 pm!!!

Salt Lake Culinary Education (SLICE) July 18 thru Sep 4

My new art show at 2233 South 300 East SLC is in a wonderful setting. So drop by and see this extensive showing during Culinary Education normal hours M-F 10am-5pm and/or drop by during the meet and greet with me from 3-5 pm on Wednesday August 21st. I have 20 paintings hanging thru this colorful space aka Amuse Bouche Gallery. A good place to check out how wall colors and abstracts can work. I have 20 paintings hanging in the Gallery including “Aspen Grove” and “Flying”  And it is my understanding SLICE is a fun place to take cooking lessons. 

photo #1 abstract “Aspen Grove” on an orangish wall &


photo #2 abstract womanscape, “Flying” hexaptych on tan wall.


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