--- I often paint without a paint brush. I use found objects or sometime tools found at any hardware or kitchen store.

             As an abstract artist I use multiple layers of acrylic paint on canvas to capture flowing images. My paintings are emotional landscapes in which I move from calm to turbulence to calm again. My thought process as I paint is a non-linear flow of consciousness. It’s as though I’m not there during their creation, but the paintings clearly result from my emotional state as I approach the blank canvas.

                         Art defines what is modern, it captures what is enduring, and brings to life that that is human. The spiral jetty has been a great inspiration to me in that Robert Smithson’s 1970 earthwork is as amazing today as when he created it, and it has perhaps changed in ways he did not foresee.

                                      Creating art is like speaking a different language, a language of emotions, then hoping that someone will understand why. The process is unglued from time. Often a painting resides within for a long, long, time waiting in a turbid state only to surface with the next passing storm. To survive in the wilderness one must know how to forecast the weather and read the signs of nature. To endure in a modern world one must create.  My paintings are line and color ever changing in the light of day and darkness of night.

                                       During the 2020-2022 Pandemic I find my art oscillating between landscapes of hope and visions of isolation...

I have recently moved from Utah to Texas. --- this has required me to rework each moved piece as I submit them to galleries or rehang them in my home --- I will note this in the for sale section as warranted  ---


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