The story of my first painting

This painting was my first. My art teacher at Bowie High School (Bowie, MD) suggested I paint this large painting. I worked on it all year and when I rolled it up to take it home, the teacher asked me what I was doing. From the conversation that pursued it became clear he did not think it finished. After several hours of discussion he suggested that if the other two art teacher agreed it was finished, he would give it a grade and I could take it home.  There are basicly three elements to this painting, the buildings at center, the trees in forground, and the sky in background. My teacher didn't think the buildings were finished. The next teacher said the buildings were fine but he did not like the trees. Finally, the third teacher saw no problem with the painting except for the sky. He said he had never seen a sky like that. So I rolled up the painting and started to walk out the door. My teacher said Mr. Reed what do you think you are doing. I said they did not agree with him, he said they did not agreed with you either. Bottom line is I never got a grade for this painting that now hangs in my living room above the mid-size grand piano.